Autorun.inf Editor for Autoplay CD

The Autorun.inf Editor is a program that can be used to quickly and easily create the files that tell an autorun (also known as "autoplay") CD to automatically play upon insertion into a CD-ROM drive. This "autorun.inf" file is required when creating an autorun CD, since it is the file which signals the computer that the CD is autorun-enabled. When a CD is put into the drive, the operating system looks for the autorun.inf file. If the file exists, it reads the file and then knows how to "autoplay" the CD. There are a number of things you can do with an autorun.inf file.

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There is no shareware fee or licensing required to use and/or distribute this program. This Editor was created as a free utility to make it easy for people to generate their own autorun.inf files.

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With the Editor, you can create a file that can:

  • Set a label for the CD (this label will be displayed in My Computer and Explorer on a Windows computer)
  • Set an icon for the CD
  • Specify a program on the CD (or user's computer) to run when the CD is inserted
  • Add various entries and commands to the context menu for when a user right-clicks on the CD

Create an autorun.inf file using the Editor - step-by-step instructions.

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